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I'm thrilled to have been introduced to this site by a fellow reader. I plan to participate as much as I can over the summer and beyond.

First, I thought I would introduce myself: I am an English teacher and I am thrilled that my debut novel, Full of Sin, was published in November. If it sounds interesting to you and you read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It's had a lot of acclaim from bestselling authors, so I thought I'd start off by sharing some of their comments with you, and then I'll finish off with the blurb. If you like Ian McEwan's The Cement Garden, Easton Ellis's American Psycho and James Ellroy's Silent Terror, it may well appeal to you. At times shocking but also full of hope.

Praise for Full of Sin:

Sophie Hannah, bestselling author of Little Face and The Other Half Lives, says of Full of Sin: "It's a great study in warped psychology and its roots, and the writing is excellent throughout."

Matt Hilton, author of Dead Men's Dust and Judgement and Wrath (Joe Hunter thrillers), says: "Sometimes pitch-black, occasionally gut-wrenching, but always exquisitely written, Full of Sin is a whirlwind of emotion, violence and pain - underlaid with a hope for redemption and a cry for forgiveness. Karl Vadaszffy has delivered a book with a denouement that comes at you like a sucker-punch to the solar-plexus."

Karen Campbell, author of The Twilight Time and After the Fire, says: "Accomplished, challenging writing, which is visceral, dark and raw."

James Becker, author of The First Apostle and The Moses Stone, says: "A darkly disturbing tale. Karl Vadaszffy paints a compelling picture of violence, betrayal and perhaps ultimate redemption in a world where twisted minds collide. A thought-provoking and unsettlingly good first novel."

Robert Ellis, author of US bestsellers City of Fire and The Lost Witness, says: “Full of Sin is one of the best thrillers I’ve read this year. Dark, frightening, twisted, but also a story overflowing with compassion and hope. Vadaszffy’s debut is well told and a remarkable achievement reminiscent of early James Ellroy.”

Thomas Perry, author of Fidelity and Strip, says: "Full of Sin is the narrative of the later life of an abused and neglected child. It is original and perceptive, and while the story is tragic, it illustrates that human resilience can bring about the possibility of redemption."

Michael Dobbs, bestselling author of House of Cards and First Lady, gives praise: "Karl Vadaszffy is just the sort of young writer we should encourage - young, ambitious and creative."

Born a mistake, Sean is taken from his drug-addicted prostitute mother at the tender age of eight, but after years of neglect and abuse all the tenderness has long been beaten out of him, leaving behind only a deformed soul. Foster families can’t handle him, but he meets his match when he is taken in by the Andersons. Life seems normal, but when a passionate tryst with his foster sister ends in violence the comfortable life Sean has come to see as his own is over and he must learn to fend for himself.

Alone, desperate and fighting for survival, Sean’s darkest urges become uncontrollable and his sins go too far. A broken individual, haunted by the darkest of dreams, he finds solace in the drug world. But it is in the arms of love that Sean unexpectedly starts to feel human, all the time unaware that his past is preparing to make a surprise reappearance.

Many thanks and best wishes to all,

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Comment by Christopher S. Tolley on July 17, 2010 at 4:43am
Thanks so much for inviting me to be your friend.

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