Do you ever feel like you're in Wonderland, with the White Rabbit pulling you along and urging you to hurry, even though you're not sure where you're going or why? That's publishing.

There's always something looming that might be done, should be done, must be done. There's always a deadline. Yet it's hard to say whether it makes any difference if you get it all done and on time. No one knows for sure what works.

Keep up your website and blog on all the sites you can manage. List your events on BookTour, Eventful, etc.
Guest blog whenever possible. Sign up for conferences and volunteer for panels. Speak to book groups, library groups, other groups. Send out a steady stream of queries. Write articles and short stories to help get your name out. Contact bookstores and libraries so they don't forget you're around. Network with other authors to keep yourself informed on what's current and who's looking for the kind of things you write. Schedule speaking engagements so people get to know you, and keep updating your material so they can ask you back next year. Keep good records for taxes. Stay in touch with fans so they remember you've got another book coming out soon. Notify newspapers of your itinerary and your availability for interview. Radio stations, too. Look for new ways to use the Internet and technology to enhance your brand and make you a household word.

Oh, and by the way, keep those manuscripts coming. And make sure they're really good.

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