Ann Parker
1. Where does the story take place? Does the author make the place
come alive? Can the reader feel the air and see the mountains? How
is the feeling of a Silver boom town conveyed? Does the author
effectively engage all the senses to make the story come alive? How
does the city change, physically and socially, over the course of the
2. What is Silver Lies about? Who killed Joe Rose and why? Where is he found?
Does the beginning of the book draw you into the mystery?
3. How did the main character become part-owner of the Silver Queen? What is the Silver Queen?
4. Why did Mark Stannert leave? Did he really sell his share of the Silver Queen?
5. How do Inez’s relationships with the other women in the story help establish her character? What
about relationships with men in the story?
6. Do you like Inez? Would you do what she does in various circumstances? Is her behavior consistent
with who you think she is? Is her behavior consistent with who she believes she is?
7. How much does Inez’s motivation stem from rebellion against her parents and upbringing? Do you
find this to be credible?
8. Do flawed characters in a story make them more credible to the reader?
9. Do the details of couture and coiffure add reality to the story?
10. Are there pivotal plot points that pull you deeper into the story? What are they and why are they
compelling? What are the main types of activities that drive the plot?
11. How does the author handle evil in the story, balancing it against goodness,
hope, and heroism?
12. Who is the most evil character in the story? Who is the hero? Describe the
characters and who may be both good and evil… or neither.
13. How does the economic and/or social standing of the characters affect how the
reader perceives them? Does this reveal a bias on the part of the author? On
the part of the reader?
14. Does the story seem real to you? Too real? If so, why?
15. How is the mystery resolved? Were you surprised by the ending?
Silver Lies Reader Questions

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