Graphic Novel Friday Astonishing X-Men Joss Whedon

The number of words in this post is going to be few. I am at a loss to adequately describe what I got to be a part of .The X-Men have been a big part of my collection from the number one issue. They were one of the
cornerstones of the collection I had till I had to let it go. That being said
this graphic novel is probably one of the best executed graphic novels I have
ever seen. It is just that good.

The team of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday just blew me away. The story lines were intense and the artwork not only matched that but took it to a new level for me. Cassaday’s artwork is some of the best I have ever seen
in a graphic novel and the words and art fit like a glove. This is two masters
of the genre at the top of their game; I loved every frame and every word. The team they have constructed headed up by
Cyclops is nice and tight, the subplots are intense and the continuing action
is amazing. I enjoyed the cameo by the Fantastic Four, it was brief but felt
right and was a good addition. The attention to the smallest detail in both
characters and artwork took this to a new level.

Unfortunately the comparisons I will make in my head about the graphic novels I look at for a while will travel back to this, Astonishing X-Men. To try to grab the same heart, emotion, intensity and quality of Weldon’s
writing will be difficult. The artwork will probably stay atop my charts for
many months to come; it just fit the story frame for frame so well. The quality
contained within these pages is rare and exciting to hold, don’t pass this up.
If you are a big X-Men fan, this is a must read, if you enjoy reading at all
and want to hold a stick of dynamite, this is for you. I don’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone,
put this on your Goodreads and Shelfari –to read- list and move it to the top.

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