Graphic Novel Friday Batman Under The Cowl

The title of this could have contained a few more words and it really should have read- Which Batman Is Under the Cowl Today? The premise of the graphic novel is that Batman has become injured, breaking his back, he
may never come back but Gotham needs Batman, but which one? Each chapter has a
different person under the cowl. I felt like it was a step back in time and I
was watching Michael Keaton in Multiplicity. Is it the macho Batman or the more
reserved kinder Batman?

There are various writers for the different chapters amongt them: Geoff Johns , Grant Morrison , Bill Willingham and others. I think these are your basic DC Comic heavyweights. The artwork seems to be almost the same
throughout the different chapters, but the feel for the characters and the
dialogue varies with each writer. When is a Batman just a Batman? This graphic
novel answers that and much more. Commissioner Jim Gordon seemed to be able to
keep up with the differences of each and was not easily fooled. Robin was left
to question himself. Bruce Wayne, even wheel chair bound, did not want to stay
away from fighting the bad guys. Where does it all end? Will The Batman ever be
the same again? Will Robin be comfortable as a sidekick again? Can Alfred put
up with anymore of the faux Batmen? Stay tuned readers, same Bat channel, same
Bat station. Ok the last past I just had to add because I heard the voice of
the announcer from the old show in my head. I used to love that.

The concept of Batman getting hurt to me is a good one. The idea of the other Batmen is a good “what if” scenario. Putting them altogether was incredible. I enjoyed being able to compare them with each chapter, and
deciding what I felt is right for The Batman. Where does he go with it; what
does he do? I would say most people are in on the Batman mystique and what that
is all about. Although I don’t go back to the very origin of the character, I
do back almost 50 years with him. I loved the concept, bought into it, and was
carried through it by very capable writers. My point is if you want to have
some fun, enjoy yourself a little bit, and if know anything about The Batman at
all; this could be the graphic novel for you.

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