Graphic Novel Friday Escape From Terra Big Head Press

Recently I got my hands on some graphic novels from Big Head Press, they like to print “Thoughtful Stories”. What really caught my eye is the diversity and originality of their work. They have a very visual and busy
website, , check it out and
have a nice time. Escape From Terra,
Volume One
is a compilation of the comic strip over two year period of
time. You can view the current activities of the strip in progress on their
website Monday through Friday. Other series Big Head Press has are: Odysseus The Rebel (we will be posting
on this next week), Phoebus Krumm, Time
Peeper, La Muse, The Hook-sci-fi rock ,
Rosewell, Texas, The Architect, A Drug War Carol, The Probability Broach.

Escape is set in the future and has many different plotlines. The characters are well constructed and fleshed out so we gain an understanding of their motivations. The
artwork is done in black and white and I found that to be a great idea. The
shading and tone of the pencils was an excellent accompaniment to the witty dialogue.
The team of Sandy Sandfort, Scott Bieser, and Lee Oaks works well together and
creates a futuristic environment that is very believable. I was drawn into the
world of Escape From Terra and plan
on following their exploits every day.

I have been aggressively seeking other types of graphic novels to bring to you so we can vary our content. Different is good sometimes, not to just do it for change sake. Supporting those outside the big machines is
nice, especially when what they have to offer is at such a high quality, in
both writing and artwork; it makes it that much easier. The Team @ Big Head
Press is worth a look, and a try. If you are someone that enjoys graphic novels
add them to your collection.

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