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I went over some information on the Graphic Classics team last week, so in that regard I don’t want to bore you and go over old ground. If for whatever reason you didn’t read last week’s post on our friends from
Graphic Classics, (shame on you for missing a post, especially about a friend
of ours from Linkedin) please feel free to check out our archives and knock
yourself out. I would also suggest that you read any of the other posts you may
have missed from the beginning of the blog, just my opinion.

Getting back to the Graphic Classics team: They hit a home run here with the Christmas Classics, just incredible insight and a very deft hand on the Christmas stories. I have been passing this around to different
family members since I finished reading it. I have yet to hear a bad word. Here
is what is going on inside the graphic novel: ”Christmas Classics presents
comics adaptations of both holiday favorites and rarities, featuring Charles
Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Also included are an early F. Scott
Fitzgerald tale, an O. Henry western, a fairy tale by Willa Cather, and a
Christmas horror story by Fitz-James O'Brien. Plus, a seasonal Sherlock Holmes
adventure by Arthur Conan Doyle, Clement C. Moore's classic poem "A Visit
from St. Nicholas", and a letter from Santa Claus to Mark Twain's
daughter.” Good stuff.

Just as with the other volume we featured last week this one has different authors as well as different artists and the differences make for a very spirited read. None two are the same and they flow so well together it
makes me respect the Editor Tom Pomplun that much more. The material covered is
mostly sacred ground and they a good job of bringing the best out in it. One
could not ask any more from them or it.

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