Graphic Novel Friday WMDs The Weapons Are Coming Manoj Rao

I made some new friends over at Linkedin and they have been amazing finds. The latest one is Manoj Rao and his new graphic novel series WMDs The Weapons Are Coming. I love the concept. I enjoyed the plotline,
artwork, dialogue and premise. Wait, did I tell you how much I enjoyed all this?
The whole experience was another first for me, reading and experiencing a
graphic novel on an iphone , my son’s.

Manoj Rao puts together an amazing concept and method of delivery. He is going to guest post this coming Wednesday. I had the benefit of reading about the journey he has made to get this point, truly amazing. The
graphic novel was one fun read and I enjoyed the entire thing. The characters
he has created are original and fun; the artwork is very nice and the inks are
great. I could easily see this as a nice cartoon series or animated movie.

WMDs is a well thought out and executed idea. The heart and dedication to bringing this to market can be felt in the read. The core group of weapons is intriguing and I
feel that I could get sucked into this rather easily. Agustin Padilla has done
an excellent job with the illustrations; Rao has put together some very nice
dialogue, and the combination is a winner. Reading them on the iphone made it
even more special for me as it was my first time doing so. Would I like to read
all my graphic novels this way, I don’t know? I haven’t really digested that
one yet. The Weapons Are Coming though was built for it and it was fun; the
colors were vibrant and tangible. I felt no disconnect at all.

I didn’t know what I was getting in WMDs when I received it. Having gone through it though, I would have to say that is nothing short of cutting edge for graphic novels. This is what the future holds for the industry.
Is the print version of the graphic novel dead? No, I don’t think that paper is
going to pass whether it is for books, newspapers, or graphic novels. Radio was
supposed to die with cable television and we now have satellite radio, who
would have thought. Finding new things is nice and fun; quality in the work is
great also. Put them together and you have a really nice combination. Be bold,
give this new group of Superheroes a chance, WMDs. Manjoa Rao has created a
winner in this series. Here is the link you will need to use to go to their
website and check everything out. It is fun and interactive:

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