Pack up your cozies and lock grandma in the closet, THE WELL Meaning KILLER is a female-driven mystery with enough hard-boiledbite to give Jim Thompson the jim-jams. Fist-time novelist and veteranER nurse Miranda Phillips Walker brings both the verisimilitude and theviscera to this riveting chiller. Following world-weary female FeebMegan McKenna on a greased skid into the heart
of darkness, otherwiseknown as Baltimore, KILLER tells the story of McKenna’s terrifying racethrough the broken foster care system to catch a hair-raising – andultimately heart-breaking – monster of a maniac. Readers will not soonforget THE WELL INTENTIONED KILLER, and they sure as hell betterremember the name Miranda Phillips Walker. An absolutely breathtakingdebut!” -- Jay Bonansinga, National Bestselling Author of PERFECTVICTIM, THE SINKING OF THE EASTLAND, and THE KILLER’S GAME

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