I have read one of your novels, what made you get into the paranormal genre?

I have always had a fascination for things that go bump in the night. Whether its ghosts, werewolves, vampires or the far-scarier real things human beings do to one another, fear is an element of life that
fascinates me, along with obsession. I guess those two things led me into
writing horror/paranormal fiction. Plus, I spent my childhood watching every
horror movie I could and Dark Shadows every day.

Your sense of humor is sharp, I enjoyed it. How hard is it for you to inject that element into your novels without going too far?

Not hard because I believe there's no such thing as going too far. Seriously, though, it's just my frame of reference, the way I look at the world. Laughter is a way of dealing with the world. The humor has to come
naturally; it can't be forced. I think injecting humor into my work is more a
function of the characters themselves adding it, or just my own warped view of
the world and seeing the absurdity in it.

I have started to call one of the days I post, Digital Short Saturday. Are you planning to supplement what you are currently doing with any digital shorts, and what are your feelings on them?

I'm not sure what you mean by "digital shorts". I have some cargo shorts and some boxer shorts, but no digital shorts. If you mean e-books, I have fourteen already published, ranging in length from 5,000
words to over 20,000 words, too short to be print books. I love the fact that
e-books have made it possible to publish shorter works of fiction as standalone

How has the ebook revolution changed your views on how you are published and does it affect the way and manner in which you write?

The e-book revolution means that I have seen the bulk of my royalties shift over from print to e-books as the scene has exploded. For full-length works, I won't work with a publisher who will not bring my work out
in both print and e-book formats; I like readers being able to have all the
options. It has no effect, however on the "way and manner" in which I
write; storytelling principles and magic stay the same, no matter what the

I live here in Levittown,Pa. right outside of Phila.,Pa and you are way out there in Seattle ,Washington. Cheesesteaks and soft pretzels are big here. What are the big
differences out there and what are some of your favorite outdoor grilling
recipes? You guys able to do that there, doesn't it ran all the time?

Well, since we're close to the Pacific and surrounded by water, seafood here is fresh and really good. We also have a large Asian population, so that means we can get just about any stripe of Asian food out
there easily. It's been said that teriyaki joints are Seattle's fast food. I
don't grill outdoors myself, but that's not because it rains in Seattle all the
time. In fact, it doesn't. Summers are mostly dry, sunny, and temperate. I saw
much more rain when I lived in Miami and Chicago than I have in Seattle.

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