Halloween short stories & Buffy novel writer interview

This week Kings River Life has published 2 Halloween mystery short stories-one is "Trick or Treat" by John Floyd http://kingsriverlife.com/10/27/trick-or-treat-halloween-story/
"Halloween Tech" by Gail Farrelly http://kingsriverlife.com/10/25/halloweentech-a-original-short-story/ and then we still have several other fun Halloween articles and short stories up from this past week.
Sunday evening we will be posting one more Halloween story, this one on the truly creepy side, written by Lance Zarimba.
On another Halloween vampire note, this past week we had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Buffy and Angel author Nancy Holder http://kingsriverlife.com/10/26/interview-with-buffy-author-nancy-h...

And a whole new issue goes up tomorrow morning with a lot more mystery and Halloween fun!
Happy Halloween
Lorie Ham

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