Hardit Singh releases “Fast Lane” with Trestle Press

UK author Hardit Singh releases the digital short story “Fast Lane’ with Trestle Press today.

“Fast Lane” synopsis and a bit on the author:

“Detective Vincent Perez operates on both sides of the law and is comfortable with doing so. However, he doesn’t realise he is slowly losing himself in the darkness, he is trying to stop.

 It is only when he endangers the lives he is trying to protect, that he acknowledges he has a decision to make. Will he be able to do the right thing?

Born and raised in the South West of England, Hardit Singh rediscovered his love for reading whilst studying at University and this sparked his desire to write. He believes that the most important aspect of a book is character and often this is ultimately what the reader will think about after closing a book. Hardit Singh is an author of crime fiction and it is the power that stories harness, where mere words can create inspiration and empower an individual, which is what compels him to write. “

Look for “Fast Lane” on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobel Nook                     

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