When was the last time you read a kicka$% western? I mean seriously, one that just grabbed you by the collar and smacked you in the face? This is just such a story. I have become a fan of Heath Lowrance very quickly after reading this digital short story. The character he has created is incredible and hopefully this series will continue. Very few authors have his ability to craft such rich content, stylish prose, and evoke such intense emotions in a reader.

Whatever category or genre you wish to throw it into: noir, hard-boiled, horror; it doesn’t really matter. What it needs to called is a brilliantly created, crafted story, period. The cost, $.99, seems a pittance next to the entertainment and pleasure derived from the read. I strongly suggest the read, do not hesitate, assault your senses, and get smacked in the face with an intense read. I for one am hoping for more of the same.

Believe it or not here is the synopsis and bio:

“Hawthorne came to lay vengeance upon the heads of the guilty, and all the beasts of Hell wouldn't stop him..."

Heath Lowrance is the author of THE BASTARD HAND and DIG TEN GRAVES. He lives near Detroit, Michigan”


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