I spend as much time as possible working on my next novel, but that isn't enough. I work in a recliner with my trackball on my chest and my keyboard in my lap so I rarely have to get up to stretch, but I still don't have enough time. A lot of that is my own damn fault.

I volunteer too much for writers organizations, spend too much time researching, and generally find other ways to procrastinate (like writing short stories) but, in the immortal words of Joe Walsh, "I can't complain but sometimes I still do."

Which brings me to blogging. I did a lot of it to promote Go Down Hard and I honestly don't think it did anything but take me away from my WIP (Go Down Screaming). But if there's any really big news, I'll post it on my website CraigFaustusBuck.com. So feel free to check there, or you can message me here and I'll get back to you. There are also links on my site to most of my free short stories, many available for free.

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