I love the holiday season. Usually it means extra time at home and hopefully extra time with my wife. This year here schedule is a little screwy but we get Xmas eve alone. Very cool.

We're planning on having some friends over which is always nice.

We did finally get the BIG ASS TV we have been planing for. A 48" LCD and it rocks. I plan to spend a lot of time in the next month in front of it staring till I go blind. I now plan to re watch a lot of things, Lord of the Rings, Miami Vice, The Wire and Godfather (third time this year)

I also love all the food during December, special candy is available, great baked goods, I even like fruit cake.

On the Crimespree front, we are finishing off issue 28. We have re arranged our scheduling a bit and are moving Brian Azzarello to the July/August cover. Jenny Siler will be our cover model for January/February.

All in all life is good. 2009 looks to be a great year.

And I would like to add that enough mystery folks have passed away in the last twelve months. So everyone, take care of your selves. Get checkups and eat healthy!

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