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I hope that your Monday has started off well. Did you have a nice weekend? My posting week is going to be different this week as we have Easter at week’s end and that is generally a busy time at our home. The Scoop will not have any posts on it Saturday or Sunday, so I am going to move everything up a day or two here. Basically everything I normally have on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be dropped in on Thursday and Friday. Thanks for understanding. The G-ZONE this week is going to be chocked full of fun stuff and awesome guests. Today I have Zoe Sharp, then in order of appearance from Tuesday to Friday: Heywood Gould & EZreads.com (they are going to be a regular feature from now on), Andrew Gross, Brett Battles and a roundtable discussion, and finally on Friday Joanne Lewis author of Wicked Good. Pretty full week: or just the normal stuff here as we try to fit 10lbs. of sugar in a five pound bag. For my international friends, sorry, I don’t know the metrics equivalent for that. Okay off we go to today’s novel, what is between the covers?

“The master of the pulse-pounding literary thriller is back. Heywood Gould, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, author of bestselling novels/screenplays COCKTAIL and FORT APACHE, THE BRONX, returns with his biggest tour-de-force yet-THE SERIAL KILLER'S DAUGHTER. This one is a supercharged road trip that takes our two protagonists on a dark thrill ride to some very dangerous places. Someone is stalking college student, Hannah Seeley. Somebody would very much like to see her dead. Why? No good reason other than Hannah is the daughter of Arnold Seeley, a.k.a., the Robbinsgate Killer, convicted for 11 murders and now sitting on California's Death Row. The list of suspects who might want to kill Hannah is long. The motive is less clear. Panicked, she uses her seductive charms to enlist the help of her classmate, Peter Vogel. Soon, Peter finds himself neck-deep in trouble. He's in lust with Hannah, which can only be problematic. By getting involved with Hannah, he has set himself up as a target of her pursuers. After a close encounter, they have no choice but to hit the road in Hannah's little VW Bug. The chase is on. Hannah and Peter find themselves on the run from their pursuers while trying to discover the identities of those who want to kill them. It's a cross-country thrill ride, a cat-and-mouse chase involving murder, deception, and sheer survival. You won't want to miss it.”

I found the authors biography interesting as I did a little research for my interview with him tomorrow, Tuesday @ 12pm EST, on The G-ZONE my blogtalk radio show:

“Born in the Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Heywood Gould got his start as a reporter for the NY Post when it was still known as a "pinko rag". Later he financed years of rejection with the usual colorful jobs-cabdriver, mortician's assistant, industrial floor waxer, bartender and screenwriter. He has written twelve books and nine screenplays, among them "Boys from Brazil", "Fort Apache”, “The Bronx", "Cocktail" and "Rolling Thunder". His latest novel, "Leading Lady", was a finalist for the 2008 Dashiell Hammett and Foreword Magazine award for literary excellence in crime writing and a bronze medal winner for the Independent Book Publisher's Award.”

Back in the day I did read “Boys from Brazil”, but that was many, many, many moons ago. So I will have to say this is my first read on a novel of his in the modern era. I think it cost me a dollar to see the movie. Yes that was not a typo that is how long ago it was since I have read anything this author wrote; I really didn’t pay much attention to stuff like that back in the day. I did pay rapt attention to this though. It is kind of hard not to. I can see why the likes of Tom Cruise and Paul Newman have played parts in his work, serious stuff. The action is intense, vibrant, and constant. Heywood Gould knows how to pace a great suspense novel from beginning to end. His characters are well thought out and described, the plotline is tight, and there are plenty of twists and turns. Was I satisfied? Yes I was. I wonder what big name star will be in this movie? I will definitely watch it; I am a big fan of the Redbox, and so I will plunk down another buck to watch this one. How time flies.

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