Horror Country Song

A girl requests help killing her father only to face new dangers after the deed is done.

My love, the deed is done.
He wont rape anyone.
Yes, dear, I killed him slow.
We reap what we sow.

Please dont hang up again.
I know how hard its been.
Forget all daddy did.
You were just a kid.

Hes dead because you asked
So lose your niave mask
And meet me like we planned.
Take me as your man.

So join me there at noon.
Well take a honeymoon.
Betray me, and youll see
Darker sides of me.

My dear, no, you must stop.
Dont say youll call the cops.
You dont know my real name.
Theyll hold you to blame.

Then, I must come to you.
My love for you was true.
In death well have to part.
Your lies broke my heart.

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