I'm on a photoshoot this weekend for publicity purposes for the DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery Crime Novels

I'm on a photo shoot this weekend aboard a very impressive and luxury Fairline motor cruiser. It's not DI Andy Horton's type of craft as my readers know - he is a 'proper' sailor, the type that likes a pole and a bit of a sheet on it - no, this boat is much more up Detective Superintendent Uckfield's street. In fact I think I'll make it his.

My photographer has organized the loan of this boat ( sorry folks it's not mine) from a friend. The guy who owns it and who has kindly loaned it to us for the duration of the photo shoot, is a Personal Trainer and judging by this he must be a very successful one! I wonder who he trains?  I don't know his name and I haven't met him, perhaps I will at the weekend.  I'd like to if only to thank him for so kindly donating his beautiful boat. I'll leave him a couple of signed novels as a thank you. 

I'm looking forward to being on board though not having the photographs taken. I'm not the World's most  natural in front of the camera, but Nick, my photographer, assures me he can make me look at least ten years younger, with flawless skin. I've to take a change of clothes for a variety of shots, some of which you will no doubt see over the coming weeks and months here and on my official web site.

The shoot is at Northney Marina, at North Hayling, which is featured in my marine mystery crime novels and thrillers. Let's hope for fair weather.



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