Hello all you Super Sleuths,

I was wondering what people thought about live murder mysteries. I'm the owner of The Murder Mystery Company. We do Murder Mystery Dinners across the country. However,
I'm always looking to make them more satisfying to the audience. We do
a great job certainly, but I'm always looking to make things better.

Here's a Snap Shot of The Company

I'll be adding to these posts a lot in more detail, however I wanted to start very generically.

Have you ever been to a murder mystery event?

If you ever have been to one, what did you like?

What didn't you like?

What would you look for in a murder mystery dinner?

I want this to be like being in a living Detective Book.

Thank you in advance for your input,

www.grimprov.com (incase you want to check out what I do perform commenting)

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Comment by Scott Cramton on February 28, 2010 at 5:55am
Anybody out there?


The Murder Mystery Company www.grimprov.com

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