In For the Kill, a fast-paced thriller now published in Turkey

I was pleased to receive the Turkish edition of my thriller In For The Kill at the weekend. In For The Kill is published in Turkey by Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı one of the country’s leading publishers.

In For The Kill is a compelling, gripping tale of what happens to one man when someone steals his identity

Alex Albury has it all: a successful public relations business, a luxurious house, a beautiful wife and two sons. Then one September morning the police burst into his home and arrest him. Now, three and a half years later, newly released from Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight, Alex is intent on finding the man who framed him for fraud and embezzlement. All he knows is his name: James Andover. But who is he? Where is he? Alex embarks on his quest to track down Andover, but with the trail cold he is frustrated at every turn. Worse, he finds himself under suspicion by the police. The pressure is on and Aex has to unearth the answers and quick. But time is running out. For Alex the future looks bleak and soon he is left with the option - to kill or be killed

Babıali Kültür Yayıncılığı also published In Cold Daylightlast year. I hope the books are doing well in Turkey and have found new readers who enjoy them.

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