July 4 brought the 36th anniversary of the unresolved murder of Juanita Nielsen, the 36 year-old campaigning editor of a Kings Cross (Sydney) newspaper who disappeared without trace and whose remains have never been found.


The date also saw the publication of a book by Barry Ward, a former Sydney journalist who claims to have exposed the plot behind the murder and identified the killers, their accomplices and their paymasters.


With colleague Tony Reeves he investigated the case over four years and says he can prove that the killing was covered-up by certain NSW Police detectives at the behest of the contract killer, a notorious former colleague.


Abducted, beaten up and jailed on spurious charges but unable to force the judicial review their allegations demanded, the pair left Sydney when an underworld tip warned that death threats they had received were about to be activated.


Still a working journalist in his late 70s Ward now lives in London and has spent many years since his return campaigning to expose the truth of Juanita's death.


On the 20th anniversary he wrote a 6,000 word cover story for Sydney's Newsweek Bulletin in which he refuted the official police version of events and named the killers. There was no response, legal or official. See an on-line version of this at



Ward's book, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, is now available on-line via http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/65301.



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