The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles, book one of the Tom Hickey California Century novels, is due out in less than two months (May 1, 2010). If you’d like a free copy, shoot email to with an idea for an interesting contest I can run. Any idea I use, the submitter deserves a free book, don’t you think?

• Blog:

Over the past couple months, I’ve blogged about: making good ideas into realities, on 1/19; birdies (optimism) vs. bogies (pessimism) on 1/26; writing as a spiritual exercise on 1/28; Tae Kwon Do and perfectionism on 2/18; and raising an innocent daughter and artist, just this morning, at:

• Midheaven and other free good stuff:

For a while now, I’ve been giving away in serial form my first novel, Midheaven, a finalist for the Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel. Subscribe to The Scoop, a bimonthly newsletter, to catch up with the serial and read on, and to get linked to Road Kill (mystery authors on the book promo circuit); book marketing advice from an expert (not me); and a guide for becoming a bestselling author. Click News.

• The Breeze:

If you don’t currently subscribe to the Perelandra College newsletter, your opportunity to make up for that oversight awaits at Click News.

The Breeze features resources for readers and writers including book reviews, lessons on the craft of writing, ideas for finding inspiration, announcements of conferences for writers and their fans, and notes about publications seeking submissions.

So there it is.

Onward, Ken

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