Interact with the authors of New Pulp on Oct. 13!

Big day tomorrow: On Saturday, October 13th from 1 PM CST to 7 PM CST, Pro Se Productions will be hosting an online promotional party spotlighting the entire company. This event is being done in conjunction with, a platform designed to host
small, medium, and even massive book tours, promotional events, Q & As, or in this case, a gala event focusing on one of the up and coming Publishers of cutting edge New Pulp today.
Writers, artists and creators associated with Pro Se will be providing readings, panels, and one on one question and answer sessions online while participants can wander in and out, just like an actual convention, and enjoy the events as they take place. Also, fans who attend the event at any point in the day can actually enter into private chats with up to four other people and set up their own 'rooms' while also participating in the reading/panel/etc. that is taking place. This allows for hundreds and hundreds of participants to be available.

"This is the ultimate con experience in a sense," Tommy Hancock, Partner in and EIC of Pro Se Productions stated, "taken and turned into an all Pro Se event. People can attend panels, go to readings, meet authors and creators, and do it right in front of their computer. Pro Se is definitely excited about this opportunity, not only because its a neat thing to be able to do, but also because it's a platform that allows us to reach out not just to our own little conclave of fans who frequent our site, see us at Conventions, and/or buy our books.
This is an opportunity to open the doors of Pro Se up to any and all that have ever read a thriller and enjoyed it, who have ventured into Space and wanted more, who sneered with the villain and celebrated with the hero of some great story. Pro Se has all that and more to offer readers today, and although there are stories of every genre under our banner, they all have something in common. They are pure escapist over the top fun. And now, thanks to Shindig, Pro Se's "Puttin' The NEW In Pulp" Promotional Party is a chance for readers of all type to see what we do, meet our creators, hear some great stories, get great one day deals on Pro Se books, and even pick up some giveaways!"

Attending the 'Pro Se- "Puttin' The NEW In Pulp" is free for anyone who wants to attend. Interact with creators, hear readings, participate in panels, take part in contests and simply learn about one of the brightest stars in modern pulp and adventure publishing. Both established Pro Se authors as well as new authors will be present. Past and current releases will be focused on, but there will also be much discussion on books and events to come from Pro Se.
Come in for your favorite author or a panel subject that interests you, leave when you're done, then come back whenever you want to. Anyone interested in attending can RSVP at This is the sign in site for the event and will also be where times for panels, readings, and Q & As will be posted as a schedule becomes available.

Pro Se also announces today that this event is only the first. Pro Se will be providing opportunities for readings, panels, and creator meet and greets as well as online launch parties for Pro Se staff and material in the future. "Expect," stated Hancock, "that an event, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, from Pro Se will happen every two weeks at a minimum, even more than that possibly with the fantastic books and such we have on the horizon."

Saturday, October 13, 1 PM - 7 PM CST Pro Se Productions - "Puttin' The NEW In Pulp" Promotional hosted by RSVP and find out more at or by emailing Mr. Hancock at! And expect updates on this fantastic event in the coming days!

Schedule for Pro Se Promotional Party- "Puttin' The NEW In Pulp"

TIMES ARE CENTRAL STANDARD-Please Adjust for your Time Zone
1:00-1:30- Pro Se-- "Puttin' The NEW In Pulp"--introduction to Pro Se by Tommy Hancock, EIC and Partner of PRO SE
1:30-2:00-Pro Se Presents-THE MAGAZINE THAT PUT THE MONTHLY BACK INTO PULP-Moderated by Tommy Hancock and featuring various.
2:00-2:30- Reese Unlimited –Featuring the Works of Barry Reese
2:30-3:15-Sovereign City Project with Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson, Barry Reese
3:15-3:30-Hansen’s Way- Featuring the Works of Nancy Hansen
3:30-4:00- Hugh Monn -Featuring Lee Houston, Jr.
4:00-4:30- The Black Centipede featuring Chuck Miller
>4:30-5:00-The Silver Manticore Strikes- PJ Lozitobr/> 5:00-6:00-Pulp Obscura-Classic Characters, New Stories--featuring various writers and creators
6:00-7:00 WHAT’S COMING SOON FROM PRO SE--featuring various writers and creators
Shindig | Video chat events
Shindig Video Chat Events for Book Tours, Release Parties, Presentations, and Q&As. On Shindig, you see all participants in a shared space. You move freely in and out of conversation with as few or as many as you choose. You can ask questions and address the speaker or entire group.
Shindig | Video chat events
Shindig Video Chat Events for Book Tours, Release Parties, Presentations, and Q&As. On Shindig, you see all participants in a shared space. You move freely in and out of conversation with as few or as many as you choose. You can ask

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