International Casting Call for Noir/Hard –Boiled Authors for a new Anthology Series to be produced by Trestle Press

Yesterday, October 10,2011, I had Paul D. Brazill as my scheduled guest on the G-Zone, my Blogtalk Radio Show. B.R. Stateham was nice enough to help me co-host; it was really fun. In the midst of the interview these two great noir/hard-boiled authors came up with an idea: Why not produce a new Anthology series gathering the best noir/hard-boiled authors the world over? Is noir the same in Levittown,Pa. as it is in Moscow? Hard-boiled fiction, do they tell the same story in Liverpool as they do down under in Australia? Sounds like a pretty cool experiment to me! The idea seemed sound, the concept holds water, and I think readers would be intrigued.

But wait there is more!

We are going to take this to another level; there will be a few bells and whistles on this that I am not going to discuss in an open invite. I would much prefer to add a few surprises along the way.

So, do you write noir or hard-boiled fiction? Can you write noir or hard-boiled fiction?

If you don’t and you know someone that does, please pass this along, especially if they live in different countries, we want this to be an international cast truly.

I gave B.R. Stateham a homework assignment and asked him to give me a paragraph on the project to whet everybody’s appetite, here it is:

“Murder around the world.  Is a body lying on the floor with a knife jutting rudely out of the victim's chest the same kind of murder in Calcutta, India as it would be, say . . . . in Oslo, Norway?  Are the motives of a villain in Yokohama, Japan the same as might be found in Stuttgart, Germany?  The art of the mystery/detective story found around the world; a treasure chest of delicious whodunits. “

Okay ,now you have the nuts and bolts of it, tell a friend; I mean that really, tell a friend. Please email me your noir/hard-boiled story. Send to:

If you are a novice, self-published, traditionally published, indie we don’t care, noir and hard-boiled knows no bounds, HIT ME! 

 Closing date for the first one is Nov. 12,2011.The next round cutoff is Dec1,2011.First come first served!!


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Comment by Giovanni Gelati on October 13, 2011 at 5:43am
Way to go.Thanks.
Comment by P.I. Barrington on October 13, 2011 at 5:35am


It would probably be for the second round deadline but keep me in mind.


Comment by Giovanni Gelati on October 13, 2011 at 5:26am
HHHMMMMMMMM, if you are interested in being part of something cutting edge, pioneering, mentioned in the work as Paul D. Brazill, B.R. Stateham and an international cast of authors than step up to the plate. I am taking questions ,names, and submissions.
Comment by P.I. Barrington on October 13, 2011 at 4:20am
Hmm very interesting...

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