Hi Everybody,
I joined this group at the beginning of the month and still haven’t added friends or participated in discussions. Now I’ve got time to get a blog going and go beyond being a member in name only. After just at a glance of the members page, I’ve recognized names of people I’ve met before. It’ll be great to talk about writing with the people I’ve met and make new friends as well.

Even with blogs I guess I need a deadline. What finally prompted me to get going is that an author I just met is holding a weekend workshop at Ventura College in California. Since the workshop takes place at the end of March, if I were to give anyone enough time to plan for the event I better post now.

The author/teacher is attorney/movie producer Michael Mehas. The workshop is about creating emotion through character development. I’m in the middle of reading his novel Stolen Boy. He definitely knows character development and how to establish palpable relationships between the characters. Stolen Boy was turned into a movie starring Bruce Willis called Alpha Dog. For more info on his class and other goings on, his website is http://www.michaelmehas.com/home.htm On his blog, he has some pictures from his recent San Joaquin Chapter Sisters in Crime presentation.

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Comment by Sunny Frazier on February 26, 2010 at 7:13am
Hey, say hi to Michael for me!

I've had some emails to you bounce. What gives? Didn't see you at a few of the SinC meetings I've attended. Don't become a reclusive writer until you're famous!

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