I have received a lot of messages and questions about this novel. What do you think of it? How good is it? Does she deliver again? How much is Diesel actually in it? I could go on and on and on. I love it.
Hopefully within the confines of this post I will answer all the questions that
you may have, and then just do yourself a favor and click on the Amazon book cover
here and suck this bad boy up. I laughed my fanny off and then some. I had many
of the same questions you had. Can she pull a full length novel off using
Diesel, not just a shortened Between the Plums type thing?

Here is the central plotline in a nutshell:” Seven Stones of Power. No one knows when they were created or by whom, each said to represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins.” Cryptic yes, but how else are you going to tie
together a story with a muffin baker, an Unmentionable, Carl the Monkey, a
wannabe witch, and a one eyed –half tailed cat? The simple answer is here
before you, Wicked Appetite. Janet Evanovich should patent her style as she
continues to make me laugh and provides me with simple minded entertainment as
only she can. Do I believe that a monkey knows when to spontaneously give anyone
and everyone the you are numero uno hand gesture? If it is a Janet Evanovich novel,
yes! Carl the monkey has always made me laugh
and he is ever present in this novel. Diesel is Diesel; I don’t think I can say
much more about him as he seems to be one of the coolest good guys in this genre
besides Ranger.

Here is a taste of the novel: Diesel is speaking first” Honey, you smell bad way beyond the nasty.”

I closed my eyes and slumped back in the seat.” Can we review what’s happened here? In the interest of saving the world from a hellish future, we’ve got some poor woman talking nonsense, we’ve blown a man’s house
to smithereens, and now we’ve totally trashed another man’s apartment. And if
that’s not enough, we’ve acquired a cat with one eye, and a monkey.”

Diesel looked at me.” Your point.”

I blew out a sigh ”I don’t have a point. My life is out of control. Everything was looking so good a couple days ago, with my own house and a terrific job. And now everything is facaca.”

“Your life isn’t out of control,” Diesel said, “It’s expanded.”

I know that some are going to say that this is almost a Plum novel without Lulu, but you know what, in my book, Janet Evanovich delivered the goods and entertained me. I have always enjoyed Diesel and all the mystical stuff that
surrounds him. The way she used him, giving us a fuller explanation of him and
his world, was just the thing. Bringing in Carl the Monkey, the cat, the
mystery and history of Salem , Mass. all came together and worked well. Do I
suggest this novel, without a doubt. My wife is enjoying it now and all of a
sudden I am the most popular father to a bunch of daughters looking to get to
read it before the other. That usually only happens to me each mid- June. I am
not minding a double dose of that. Pick it up and laugh a little, now if I
could only find my fanny.

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