Jodi Langston author of Always & Nature of The Beast Q&A

-You have published two novels thus far, Always & Nature of The Beast, how has the experience been: Pluses and minuses..

It has been mostly positive, but stressful. There's a learning curve for self-publishing. I think the most stressful thing is getting your work out to the world. Trying to find all the right channels and not
market to the point your friends and family block you on Facebook and Twitter. I
love the control I have over my work, but then again I have no one to blame but
myself for anything that goes wrong. I would definitely take the self-published
journey again.

-What do you draw from when you are creating your characters?

In the end when the story is finished I find I draw from my life. Either issues I have dealt with or people I know. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, LOL. I think if you read my work, you will see
my characters are very human and flawed, so you can relate to them.

-I have often heard of authors say that during the writing process the characters speak to them and pull them in different directions. Does this happen to you?

All the time. Angie, in Nature of the Beast, was originally a villain but she evolved over time and became a bigger part of Nick's life. I killed a character off in the sequel Ties that Bind but I had to undo it. I
felt it made Nick, too dark. I hope to give Nick, at least a trilogy, so I
needed to pay attention to that.

-How do you go through the process of picking the right elements for your novel covers, what are you looking for? The first one, Always, was all the designer, my nephew. He's a great talent and I've had
wonderful feedback from it. He wasn't available for the next one. Nature of the
Beast was some of my input. I wanted something dark and sexy, like Nick. I
wanted some Minnesota elements, but it was a compromise. I was torn between a
romance type cover or not because the book has so many different elements to

-What is on the horizon for you as an author, what do you have in the pipeline that your followers would like to hear?

I have Ties that Bind, the sequel to Nature of the beast, about halfway done. I'm working on a free read, Only You, more adventures from Alex and Rick, from Always. Sins of the Father and Ties that Bind I hope to
release in 2011. I'm working on movie scripts for all three of those books. The
scripts finished in the top 100 in competition this fall. There's more...check
out my web site. I have wildflower photos, recipes and blurbs from upcoming

-What are some of your favorite recipes for this time of year: .i.e a cookie, drink, meal…

This time of year, I love soups like chicken and wild rice, and a good pot roast. It's cold here in Minnesota and I need my comfort food.

-If you had the chance to say something to an aspiring author, since you have been through the process a few times already, what advice would you give them?

Keep on writing and follow your heart, it will lead you in the right direction. Don't give up, self- publishing is a very real option today, and it allows you to get your voice
heard. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow writers for some advice. You have to
put in the time, but hopefully we can steer you in the right direction if you
need it. Writing isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle so be prepared. I've been
writing since the day I picked up a pencil. Good luck!!!

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