What constitutes the elements of a good read for you? Do you need to have a gigantic seven foot, disfigured, complex hero type? Aggressive and violent mob bosses? An ex-wife that totally hates the main character? A quadriplegic midget who wants to dominate the world and has dreadlocks that hang to the ground? A main character that is an assassin for Homeland Security and also does work on the side? Wait, how about a group of trampoline using knife throwing circus midgets? I forgot to mention that our main character likes to test out torture devices that he can sell to the government for use, sleeps in peoples’ attics when he can and when he can’t, and in his office complex sleeps in a prison cell. Would that be enough to catch your eye and give this novel a try? Believe it or not, I left a lot out. Check out the simple synopsis from Amazon itself:

“Donovan Creed, a former CIA assassin, is a very tough man with a weakness for very easy women. Meet him in LETHAL PEOPLE a relentlessly entertaining crime novel that's often LOL - bizarre funny! The action is fast and furious, the dialogue smart, savvy and sexy. The story is filled with quirky characters and clever surprises. “

Here is a little something about the author:

“In John Locke's career journey from rock and roll singer, to door-to-door salesman, to the creation of more than a dozen multimillion dollar companies, he has encountered a wellspring of bizarre people from which to craft his unique characters. He is the author of two non-fiction books, Qualities of Character and Dynasty in the Making. He lives in Kentucky, where he has just finished a sequel titled Lethal Experiment. “

Right now there are five novels in the set: Lethal People, Lethal Experiment, Now & Then, Saving Rachel, and Wish List. I read Lethal People on my Kindle, cost for the download-$.99. Probably one of the best purchases I have made at that price in a while, I laughed my $%# off. I am still looking for it, my $%^. I am going to be honest, when I was done reading it, I downloaded the other titles in the series and watched them pop up on the Kindle menu and smiled some more. John Locke can blend all the elements I mentioned in the first paragraph and more and juggle them in a manner that will make you shake your head till the last virtual page. I couldn’t click through fast enough. Donovan Creed and company are an engaging, dysfunctional, passionate, group of heartless killers. You know I love character driven fiction, and I found a real winner here.

** As an important side note for this week and next: I have a big time interview with Steve Berry for posting on Wednesday and next week I will have a Q&A with Michael Palmer. If you are a Goodreads friend please check out our blog for the post, I can’t put it up on Goodreads as I am not an author. Do you have a question for either author? If you do get them to me ASAP!!

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