Hey, the guy keeps pumping them out and my Kindle keeps getting giddy with delight that he is. Truly amazing! I read a number of character driven series, but already, John Locke has secured a spot at the top of my list. He just keeps cranking them out, and they get better and better and better. But let’s put the brakes on this love fest for a minute and give you guys an update on a few things in the world of G. Tomorrow I am posting on Paul Levine’s Flesh & Bones, an oldie but goodie, but the intense hook on this is that he is donating all the profits to children’s cancer research at Hershey hospital as part of the Four Diamonds fund. I was lucky enough to get to yap with Paul Levine last week on my blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE, and we went over that and much more. Here is the link for that, he was on the show with Andrew Gross:


Just as heads up, there are going to be two new full length novels from Trestle Press coming out this week that I think and everyone at Trestle thinks are going to make some serious noise: Phantom Wolves by Joy Spraycar and Cleansing Eden by Benjamin Sobieck. They should be available for purchase by this weekend, and I would suggest that you give these full length novels a read; they kick some major fanny.

Okay, back to Amazon Kindle’s most downloaded author. He is now downloaded every 7 seconds, every 7 seconds. I have to say that again, every 7 seconds. Think about that for a minute or two, do the math, it is nothing short of amazing. Great execution of plan though, the man is a genius and an innovator. I will continue to read everything he produces, no questions asked; there has yet to be a bummer in the group. He is what is between the virtual covers:

“In order to save his own life, Donovan Creed signs on as bodyguard to the most famous gambler in Las Vegas history, Jim "Lucky" Peters. Lucky, worth millions, has hit a losing streak and must raise a lot of cash in a short period of time from some of the world's creepiest people. It doesn't take long for Creed to learn that the person who holds the key to his survival is none other than Lucky's smokin' hot wife, Gwen, who has secrets of her own.

Preliminary reviewers term Vegas Moon "Hilarious!" "Uproarious!" "Funniest book in the series!" With Vegas Moon, "Locke hasn't just hit a home run, he's hit it over the fence, out of the park, and into the comedy hall of fame!"   

Creed rules and my Kindle almost caught on fire when I was reading this, the pages were flying by so fast. The equal parts humor, action, plot twists, peculiarity, and now recipes, made this read a fun romp that flew by way too fast. For me,it is difficult to savor them as I want to just want to consume them as quickly as possible. My Kindle and I become one; I don’t even realize I am pressing the button to change the virtual page. The one thing I think that I have not mentioned in one of my posts about him, is John Locke’s passion. I think it comes through and is immensely evident. He tries to deliver what he thinks his fans are looking for and wanting in a read. With each new addition, he is constantly pushing the envelope, taking the characters in some new and twisted plot twist. When was the last time you read a novel that had someone walking a rooster on a leash or giving you the recipe for a nice vinaigrette? If you haven’t had the chance to read one of his novels, give them a try, maybe next novel he has, will be then downloaded every 5 seconds.

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