It's been a little crazy around here trying to finish the third Nick Heller novel while I prepare for the launch of the second, BURIED SECRETS, on June 21.


BURIED SECRETS finds Nick battling time as he searches for a 17-year-old girl, daughter of an old friend, who has been kidnapped -- and buried alive. The trailer, at, gives you a good idea of the book's subject matter and tone.


It's tense stuff, with roots in my own fears as the father of a teenaged daughter -- and my own claustrophobia, which I didn't know I suffered from until a trip to Israel a couple of years ago. Being buried alive is one of humanity's oldest fears. What's it really like? I decided I needed to find out, and had myself locked into a casket. That too is online as a video, here:


Not all of the research for BURIED SECRETS was that grim. The woman of Nick's dreams had to wear a unique perfume, and deciding on which perfume took some time as well --


I feel bad about not spending more time on CrimeSpace, but the Internet is a siren whose attractions I'm fighting constantly. In fact, I even made a video about that:


All of these, of course, are designed to make you want to read BURIED SECRETS, and even to preorder it. You can do that (with a very special thank-you offer) right here:


Nick thanks you, and I thank you.

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