“Kill the Suitors!”


A song based on The Odyssey by Homer



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These thieves take all that we have.
They feast on my prized fatted calf.
They hoot at my mom, say they'll have her next.
I cover my face as they laugh.

My father: No word of his fate.
These men in his house couldn't wait.
I wish he'd return. If only they'd face
The wrath of Odysseus the Great.

The bright-eyed Athene comes to me,
Brings news 'cross the wine-darkened sea.
Your father's alive. Defend what is his.
Give notice to the assembly.

Exposing the mob one by one,
I tell the whole town what they've done.
They mention my mom, unweaving her web,
Ensuring her hand won't be won.

The eagle of Zeus soars up high.
Soothsayer says suitors will die.
I ready my ship and wait for the day
I hear their blood-curdling cries.

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