We're praying hand’s never giving up this Universal World speed of lightning mystery game.

 Past not so perfect what’s in every body’s treasure. Rumor has it to the very end of the game Scramble.

 What we all experience no helping hands to connect spiritual connection Chakra or my surrounding Feng Shay my bedroom needs a change and my chair is all distressed. All I see is 3  the third eye needing to protect me. I need to release my energy on the "Marina Del Ray"

 Move be quick or take your time. Do we have time show your assets who really is in charge? Life is a gamble unknown bets and tons of disappointments & set -backs what good is a chair without its arms to hold your ancestors family tree.

 Let the journey take you to ease your mind feel each other's vibration before you leave this earth.Don't let time control you and stress you out. Sometimes things follow you that you have no control over leads you digging deep holes no finding your peace under the ground.

All these unknown signs hitting you no loitering ones you usually see you see violating ones

Danger signs no littering but your sitting in your chair misfit. Putting the one piece in the right comfort spot what’s in your alphabet of letters save a spot for the S  so secluded journey spiritual awakening lady or the simplest word

S for smile and shout like your journey picking out the artifacts biblical treasures don’t fit religiously

 to your chair or intellectual one or are you full of adventure exotic world of mystery

Charka healing so emotional your journey feels the vibrations through another person

It’s what appeals to you and emotion of a connection you feel desirable in your seat

 You know what to expect just going with the flow things could be right or wrong move you go left

What do you get a bad dealt hand Alfred Hitchcock journey of suspense?

Electric chair walking on shocks of danger waves force telling you to watch out chair

Digging home it went underground or that chair was worth more than a heart that was scorn

Mysterious hit man wants a ransom that chair of an heirloom. Leads you to undesirable world taking you unknown love seat

Or someone else sitting in the chair than you to make it look like an accident lady killer chair

Priceless lesson what vengeance people have something sounds tempting but beware?

The chair with expectation looking straight in your future or losing time game time running out

So distressed looking you match the chair journey to the unknown drinks you up to confess

Torture smile comes back to you devilish grin she tricks the killer. Chairs are flying in space such abundance Journey like plethora takes over as itself of two Moons overly intertwined robot mysterious change metals of hearts like a cyborg out of Jurassic Park.She wishes to go back to her home near Central Park. What a killer breeze took over her godly trees she prayed to. They became lifeless all bare no benches to sit near.

Two of you take a journey what’s the odds team of players took you on a musical horror rocky tour.

Phantom of the unknown Opera musical chairs danger awaits your fears peak of sunshine to jazz it up

You’re the fighter you’ll never give up too good where does it get you good-hearted soul mate traveler so worldly mystery man killer smile but kind.

              Woman such a rare beauty find suited for anything but fashionable late

   Not a scratch on the chair your inclination are you unfaithful so much infidelity seven years of bad luck.

Like unknown metaphor is it you and him that became annoying. Sitting in the chair he's ignoring you sports fanatic and you are the jewelry snatcher.

That journey your taking you need to move on exchange of energy for better things

Your first reaction what’s next frisky you move you’re too tired to think. All popped out eyes powerless

 in your voice need to express yourself let it out pick up your speed like a seat in a car all sounds

to be heard those honks and horns. You feel like the bull your chasing dreams that never come

like Taurus Fool fighter, the bull comes closer and you go farther chair apart

Your jaw keeps dropping from the chair you are so close to the treasure journey. Touch to explore

but what’s in your brain hard as nails to the core. You’re the fighter you love to be the climber

your holding on going up and up. Saying what’s up with this chair you want to push it aside without

a worry or care. King Charles dynasty shines lucky fifteen times teenager with Starbucks enticer

 your oceans coming flooding your seat gold pot of coffee smells mysteriously not going anywhere it will remain as long as you’re here.Like the cat in the hat Dr, Seuss it should be the city cat crazy-glued to your seat curiosity scratch catnip but somewhere, we all need to rise get up and that journey is not so far from our minds

spiritual healing is telling you not to give up. Home to your heart shown far apart not to be known.

Be who you are the art go with the path of your heart easy as ABC like a child in the chair

A for angel B for brave C courageous you speak from your heart.But you’re ageless sitting proud and high above. What you’re fighting for eyes of magic comfort space

Perfect fit Feng Shay the chairs speaks Tao Chi in order It only takes best chairs and a board game.

     Man of business has  fifty shades of green envy stock's and oil  higher end of the chair but that board room which

 is not familiar grounds it’s unknown your gifted with wisdom  book everyone gets a facelift

    You’re the achiever well organizer flexible personality upscale right weight of a chair.

Full of passion love velvet touch you feel rich like something clicked bank of a chair

Trump tower leaned over like the Pisa. Why was the picture in the board room all smudged mark of Mona Lisa. Everyone is celebrating getting drinks big spenders under the influence credit cards. When right across the street all yellow tape of a crime scene.

    Designer looking chairs and clothes to dress the part but things come to the end nothing moves.World of eliminative stays still like the outer limits. Your overdrawn with shopping limits Flowers don’t bloom

 cars on a freeze but getting warmer and hotter desert strong goddess doesn’t work you go deeper and deeper.

     Like a bad spell going under just another number top rank beat her with your breeze Like Hitler in Springtime what a producer stale bread used to be soft angelic freshness sourdough Swedish singer got tough.But you stay true Hi Hitler born killer smile so smitten trance-like Body - mind –soul__. You are the brave heart.But you make a new you blue cold killer eyes transformation start.Style Icon comfort place you hold in the chair those explosive power words you hear.You get higher you almost stand up from the chair

To you no strangers, traveler’s business meeting or, executives or politically speaking. Politicians saving this good earth book read of a planet what we see are all chairs for everyone in the world crown you royalty fire chief what is he thinking

Too many fires to put out but only his special chair stays safe unknown chair.

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