Las Vegas is an inspirational town for writers

My Spotlight column today in the Las Vegas edition of is about what a great inspirational city Las Vegas is for authors. LINK:


The third and newest Silver Sisters Mysteries caper, currently being edited,  is "Vanishing Act in Vegas" and my column talks about some of the things that will happen in this Silver Sisters novel. My sister and I had such fun writing this one, combining some of old Las Vegas kitsch with the current city. Their new fun adventure will come to you from L&L Dreamspell later this year.


While each book is a stand-alone, this gives you plenty of time if you want to read the first book "A Corpse in the Soup," or the second one "Seven Deadly Samovars." Join our zany twins and their 80 year old mother and uncle as they dip their toes into hot water!


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