I'm over the moon to see the latest review of my novel Glastonbury, that appeared today on GoodReads This is only the book's 2nd reader review so far but both have been 5 star reviews and one can't hope for anything better than that. Glastonbury is available in the USA from Amazon.com or from the publisher at 4RV Publishing, (who are currently offering a 10% discount until Christmas) and in the UK from Amazon.co.uk also with a 10% discount at present.

And now, here's the review:
Thomas D. rated it5 of 5 stars
Glastonbury is one of the most fun reads I have encountered
this year. Porter has provided a great cast of ensemble players plopped
down in the middle of a real mystery wrapped in an enigma and an ending
that includes everything except a cavalry charge. I loved it.
It is difficult to say much about the plot for fear of dropping in a
spoiler, but I can say it is well plotted, tight and fast moving and
will keep you guessing up until the last page.
The book, although about a group of specialist in modern high tech imaging techniques,
retains the distinct flavor of the mysteries from the Golden Age and is a
must read.

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