Happy Monday to all!! We are starting off the week with a huge novel, Lee Childs Worth Dying For. I really enjoyed the spirited discussion’s that some of us had after I posted the Lee Child discusses Jack
Reacher vs. Joe Pike you tube video. Excuse my surprise and dismay as so many
of you immediately jumped into the Joe Pike camp, for shame. My question is,
why just limit the question to Joe Pike? Why isn’t anyone mentioning Mitch
Rapp? I think the list could be very long and very interesting, but why argue a
moot point?

Worth Dying For is the fifteenth novel in the series for those counting. Here is a brief synopsis:” Call it the Heartland or the Bread Basket of the World, but whatever you label it, rural Nebraska evokes only
positive images for most of us. For Jack Reacher though, cornfield country
leaves a bad taste. While drifting through the region, he crosses paths with
the Duncans, a notorious clan who rule the whole county by sheer terror.
Refusing to back down, the ex-MP bursts in overdrive when he begins to connect
this Midwest mafia with crimes past, present, and planned. Lee Child's
standalone follow-up to 61 Hours will quicken your pulse and keep you up late.”

I have to get this part out of the way and not spoil anything for those that have not read it yet. For whatever reason, there have been a number of novels using the same theme as the backdrop for the evil our
hero must thwart. Having read a number of them I feel that Lee Child handled
the subject in the best manner: put it out there for us, recognition of the
grossness of it, and yet used far less words and painted a very vivid picture
for us. I admired the way he had Reacher handle it with the townspeople and I
like the way he went about bringing justice for all.

If I have been fortunate and you have been following my ramblings at all, you know I like characters and I like series. Lee Child has put 15 Reacher novels, each one of them incredibly good, with a tremendous
quality to each and every one. I am not comparing him or his character to
anyone but there are very few in the stratus he resides in. There are very few
characters that have had that many novels written about them, let alone novels
written by the author about any character. My point is that Lee Child doesn’t
just mail it in and cruise for a few novels, he doesn’t just put Reacher in a
lame plotline, he doesn’t surround him with anything lame, and that my friends
is a breath of fresh air in this day and age. Quality, quality, quality and
that translates into some of the best reading of the year, year after year
after year. I think you know where I stand on this five star, kick a%$ Jack
Reacher read. This novel for any reader is Worth Dying For. Hey when is the
next one because for me it can’t come soon enough.

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