Has anyone caught on to the fact that I am a big LeeGoldberg and Mr. Monk fan? Hopefully you have , but don’t take the comments Imake in this post on Mr. Monk on the Road as those of a homer or stalker. EverythingI am about to write is dead on target. This is probably the best Monk novelthat Lee Goldberg has written by far, plain and simple, flat out awesome! Tothe book flaps:

“Monk's out on the open highway-but crime is a hitchhikerthat won't be ignored.

With his job secure and his wife's murder finally solved,Adrian Monk is feeling strangely...satisfied. He'd like his agoraphobic brotherAmbrose to feel the same way, so Monk puts a secret ingredient in Ambrose'sbirthday cake: sleeping pills. When Ambrose wakes up, he's in a motorhome onthe open road with Monk determined to show him the outside world.

But Ambrose isn't the only one struggling to let go. Aslittle crimes pop up along the highway, Monk can't resist getting involved. Nowit's up to Monk to stop a murderer from turning their road trip into a highwayto hell.”

Balance, even numbers, incredible scenery, the Monk’s matchthe peanut shell game, illicit drugs, incredible martinis, bubble gum andmurder all have something to do with this engaging, quick read. I was luckyenough to take this in all at one time; the pages were flying through my fingertips.Lee Goldberg gives the triumvirate of Adrian & Ambrose Monk and Natalie allthe ink in this edition of the series. Stottlemeyer and the new addition,Lieutenant Devlin, get a little bit of action, but just about the entire storyrevolves around the exploits of the three amigos as they go out in the RV.

What is the genesis of my statement that this is by far thebest of the series? The series is no more, and Lee Goldberg has done thingswith this novel he has not in the past, really taken the characters and fleshedthem out more, gotten inside their heads, exposed their feelings and emotionson a level that hasn’t been done before. He’s taken the characters pastanything they have done in the past, and basically gave them a unique sense ofself, where they stand with each other and the world, and a balance andsymmetry that the characters have always craved but never had. This for me isthe complete Mr. Monk novel: fun, tongue in cheek, over the top insanity mixedwith equal parts mystery, action and an ending that ties everything up into anice package.

My bobblehead has his swagger back and a big smile as hesits on my desk staring at me. The question I think the bobblehead has for meto ask, ”Can Lee Goldberg  pump one ofthese out every week so I can read them at 9pm every Friday evening?” Here’shoping.

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