Lee Goldberg The Dead Man: Face of Evil


Back in the day I used to read a host of different serial novels: The Death Merchant, The Executioner, Nick Carter, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown ….wait I went back to far. Okay rewind it a bit and you get the idea. Someone was smart enough to go back and try to capture the feel and fun that was contained in those types of novels back in the day. Did they carry it off? What do you think? Here is what is in the virtual pages:

 From Lee Goldberg... bestselling author of THE WALK and the MONK novels...and William Rabkin, author of the wildly successful PSYCH books... comes the first in an exciting new series of original short novels that blends the horror of Stephen King's THE GUNSLINGER with the action/adventure of Don Pendleton's MACK BOLAN: THE EXECUTIONER...

Matthew Cahill is an ordinary man leading a simple life...until a shocking accident changes everything. Now he can see a nightmarish netherworld of unspeakable evil and horrific violence that nobody else does...

For Cahill, each day is a journey into a dark world he knows nothing about...a quest for the answers to who he is and what he has become...and a fight to save us, and his soul, from the clutches of pure evil.

This book includes a bonus excerpts of THE WALK by Lee Goldberg and DESERT PLACES by Blake Crouch.

And coming soon...more all-new adventures in THE DEAD MAN saga by some of the most talented and successful mystery, western, horror and sci-fi authors out there today. “

I left the last few lines in there because I thought they were important. When I went to the library I enjoyed finding out which in the series of novels I read was there: maybe one from the past that I missed, or a brand spanking new one, but they were always one or the other there. Now Goldberg and his new crew are going to be doing almost the same thing. A different voice each time, giving us a different flav with each story,luv it,luv it ,luv it. A recurring series that is both the same yet different .Can life get any better and as a bonus I have to read them on my Kindle. I went through this first installment like a hot knife through butter. If you had tried to grab my ereader from me while I was cranking through the pages, not only would I have called you a %^$#ard, but I would have thrown an axe at you. Read the story, don’t be one of those people that have a huge puss filled sore growing on your face and try to keep your tongue not only in your face but your cheek.  

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