Lesley Diehl, Kris Neri, Sunny Frazier, giveaways, short stories and more in KRL

Up in Kings River Life Magazine this weekend we have a review of Lesley Diehl's latest mystery novel, "Grilled, Chilled, and Killed" & a chance to win a copy of the book http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/grilled-chilled-and-killed-by-lesle...


We also have a review of Kris Neri's latest Tracy Eaton mystery, "Revenge On Route 66", a guest post by Kris about Route 66 as a setting & you can enter to win a copy of the book http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/revenge-on-route-66-by-kris-neri/


Also we have a mystery flash fiction from E.B. Davis http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/torture-twist-a-mystery-short-story/


And a mystery short story from Lesley Diehl http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/the-best-of-friends-a-mystery-short...

Also, mystery writer Sunny Frazier talks about her job as an acquisitions editor for Oak Tree Press (who published the above book by Lesley Diehl) http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/confessions-of-an-acquisitions-editor/

And Australian mystery writer Diana Hockley shares about her trip through the US where all of her stops were related to visiting mystery writing, and pet rat loving, friends who acted as tour guides http://kingsriverlife.com/03/23/touring-america-with-writers-rat-lo...


Happy Reading,

Lorie Ham


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Lesley's book Saturday at 4ish

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