Like BSP? Then You'll LOVE This: "Cleansing Eden" Released as E-Book

My first crime novel is here.


After returning to Minnesota from North Dakota Killpocolypse Blizzard of Blood 2011 (in May, of all times), I was delighted to see I still had a face (there are no mirrors in North Dakota). After cracking my nose back into position, I checked my e-mail.


Lo did my Abomindable Snowman eyes see but a message from Trestle Press. The ubiquitous publisher, Giovanni Gelati, typed in blood, "You may want to know that your novel is now out on Kindle. Also note that going off the grid in North Dakota looks suspicious. Lawyers and guns are en route to your post via post, post haste." (Disclaimer: May not have happened.)


In all seriousness, I'm excited to announce that after years of hard nose-to-keyboard work, "Cleansing Eden" is now available as an e-book. As of this moment, it's available on Amazon for all the cool kids with Kindles.


It's also on Smashwords, should you want to read it on your computer or have an e-reader that isn't a Kindle (doesn't make you any less cool, though). Barnes & Noble will be next, along with other online retailers in the near future.


As for a real-world print book, that will hit in the coming months. Hopefully, it will be priced competitively enough to compete with toliet paper.


If you want a bit more than blatant self-promotion from me, be sure to sign up for my e-newsletter. Later this week, I'll be sending out a virtual launch party stuffed to the gullet with bonuses and freebies. It's just my way of saying "thanks for sticking with me through five years, two publishers, one kidney transplant and zero felonies."

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