This seems to be a slow weekend here on the Internet. I can never figure out where people disappear to or why. What could possibly be more fascinating than roaming cyberspace? :) I realize in some places the weather is too nice to stay inside, in other places it's too nasty to do anything online. Many writers are involved in National Novel Writing Month. Many others are busy procrastinating. And me . . . well, here I am, still virtually book touring.

Today's stops:

Beth's Book Review Blog -- Reading Fiction to Make Sense of Life's Disorder

Writer’s Sanctuary –- Passion and Puzzles

Facebook — Live Chat: Fate, Writing, and the Power of Three

Dragon My Feet — Dead Darling From Daughter Am I

The Dead Darling stop is actually yesterday's but I liked the parallelism of live chat and dead darling. Speaking of the live chat -- it will be tonight at 8:00pm ET on Facebook. You should be able to follow the chat without belonging to the Second Wind Publishing group, but if you wish to participate, you will need to join. I hope you do. I'd enjoy discussing writing and the writing life with you.


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