I was on my zero turn mower
out in the field mowing slower.
Was a clear day-no wind-still,
An Indian summer day- warm with a breath of chill.
I stopped my mower to stare.
The sky was a soft inviting blue,
cotton tuffs scattered in the view.
The Sun was gentle in the chill'
raising my senses to a thrill.
Then a puff of cotten set underneath the glow,
filtering the golden rays just so.
The scene became a pallet of mist,
a beautufull setting with a twist.
They came to glide and float,
their figures seemed ghostly-remote.
Pure white with black tipped wings,
I could almost hear them sing.
They circled and kept in the haze,
I felt a bit of a daze.
Curving and looping through the cloud,
weaving a dance in this shroud.
Graceful and peaceful were their lines,
they seemed so sublime.
They lingered and floated in this pocket of bliss,
I thought if I hadn't looked I would miss,
this wonderfull display the Lord did kiss !

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