Major Announcement from Suspense Magazine

Hello Everyone,

We have opened up on our site a recommened reading list section. We receive hundreds of books and instead of sending out reviews all the time, we decided to put up our favorites in this section. The book is linked back to your page or your publisher, where they can buy it and find out more information. Almost all the authors on this section, and we will continue to grow it, are authors that are new and needing a platform to get out there! Authors should not have to be the sole promoter of their book, because if they are only promoting, they are not writing great stories! Let us help you out by sending us over your book, reading it and possibly putting it out there on the website! You can contact us anytime to find out more! Of course, this is all FREE for all authors!

Also, we are starting a new magazine called Romantic Lore Magazine. Romance lovers will find everything they want about this genre. We will still put some romance items in Suspense Magazine, but for more in depth, author information, etc, this will be the magazine for you. The website will be up shortly at

We are also on the verge of putting together a Sci-Fi / fantasy, True Crime and Horror magazines. All three of those genres will give you the in depth detail you are craving for each.

Suspense Magazine is changing the publishing world to give a platform for all authors to be seen. You can follow us on Twitter at "suspensemag" or MySpace or sign up for our newsletter.

Last thing, you can now purchase subscriptions to the magazine on our website or Our website has different options for you to receive the magazine, so check that out!

Talk to you all very soon!

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Comment by B.R.Stateham on May 6, 2009 at 5:04am
Great! Always looking for a new market to submit to (and probably be rejected!)

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