Check it out, a novel that makes one question many things in our society today and uses the vehicle of comedy and the bizarre to get us there. Laugh while we think, I enjoy that. Yes, it is time to release the monkeys. Marvellous Hairy is a sincere novel
that is totally different than anything I have read in a while. It is a
seriously disjointed narrative wrapped around a wonderful array of colorful
characters that takes the reader on a thought provoking ride through corporate
America, greed, and a host of other things. Here is the synopsis from the back
cover, but trust me, the description just barely scratches the surface on this

“Release your inner Monkey! So hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune, but if you’re a surrealistic artiste with an addition to Freudian mythology and guilt-free sex,
turning into a monkey has its upsides. Nick Motbot may be evolving as a
novelist, but his friends aren’t too sure about his DNA- at least not since
Gargantuan Enterprises started experimenting with it. And once they figure out
what’s happening to him, they decide to set things right. Marvellous Hairy is a
fabulist satire about a group of friends sticking it to the man the only way
they know how, with equal parts grain alcohol and applied Chaos theory.”

I think you can see that this is one seriously demented and out there plotline. Best thing about it is if you put aside a few things, this novel made me laugh, chuckle and smile. The narrative was a bit choppy, the
story was a mix of many different types of novels, including sci-fi, action,
thriller, mystery, and a medical story, but it all was mashed together in a way
that was coherent and fun. It is what it is and that is a good character driven
comedy piece with a bunch of other stuff mixed in. I don’t have anything that
comes to mind to compare it to, nor would I want to. Mark Rayner has created a
very unique novel with a very special flavor and vibe to it. Pick this up and
when you need a good laugh, give Marvellous Hairy a read and let the laughs and
smiles come on out. Here is a link to the book & some more info from Mark:

There's a free podcast and an excerpt linked off the book page, if people want to give it a try: Also, my current preoccupation is Canada Reads, check it out!!

Here is the Amazon book link:

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