HEY, CHECK THIS OUT! We are having a massive week at THE G-ZONE including:

 5 themed author panels with 4 guests each

 7 days straight days with the show

On Sunday, a guest that has sold over 6 million books (Davis Bunn) paired up with Nigel Bird, an author with an incredible writing reputation.

Thursday, David Hoof, a multi-award winning author.

Friday, Karen Anna Vogel, an author that currently has not one, not two, but three stories ranked in the Top 10 (in their categories) in all of Amazon Kindle, one of which hit Number One last week, and also has charted on Amazon UK.

Two ex-FBI undercover agents

Four incredible noir/hard-boiled authors, all of them that have charted titles on Amazon Kindle and Amazon UK .

CAN THERE BE MORE? Listen in and find out, here is the schedule, day by day:

Monday, 4pm EST Thriller/Suspense/Action Panel: Bob Hamer, Michael Tabman, Lisa Taylor and Benjamin Sobieck

Tuesday ,4pm EST Hard- Boiled/Noir panel: Paul D. Brazill, B.R. Stateham, Darren Sant, Luca Veste

Weds. 11.30 am EST Paranormal/Fantasy Panel: S.L. Schmitz, Michelle Olson, Amber Scott, Tanya Contois, and Liz Pelletier.

Thursday , 4.30pm EST- David Hoof

Friday 5.30 pm EST Christian/Inspirational panel- Karen Anna Vogel, Karen Malena, and Roger Rheinheiner

Saturday 10am EST Horror: William Tooker, Chantal Boudreau,Whit Howland

Sunday,12.30 pm EST –Davis Bunn and Nigel Bird.  

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