Maynard Soloman Fixes Social Security and Eats A Pony! Benjamin Sobieck

Getting my fix of Maynard always puts a smile on my face. My wife has really gotten into him too. The dialogue Benjamin Sobieck has come up with for Maynard Soloman is so unique and captivating it is hard not to just like the character but to love him. I have been fortunate to have had the author on my blogtlak show The G-ZONE a number of times now; please go back into the show’s archives to enjoy one of the interviews. I think you will quickly find out where Maynard gets his sense of humor.

Here is the synopsis of the digital short story:

“Maynard Soloman, profane and clueless private investigator, just wanted to pay for some gas. But when a pony-riding bandit makes off with his five bucks, he has no choice but to give chase. To get his money back, he'll have to do the impossible: Fix Social Security. And eat a pony. This short story is part of the Maynard Soloman series from Trestle Press, dedicated to bringing readers the crustiest in satirical humor.”

From the first paragraph I knew I was a fan of Maynard Soloman and that was back in days gone past to The Author’s Lab/Collaboration story “Who Whacked the Blogger” when Maynard made his first appearance. Since then he has dropped two stories in the new series, the other being “Maynard Soloman Solves the War on Drugs”. The action is farcical, the plotline outrageous, and the situations Maynard finds himself in are just outlandish. To not download this digital short series is like passing on a guaranteed chance to laugh your fanny off for less than a buck; don’t do it, drop the coin and enter the world of Maynard Soloman. It is nothing short of histerical.        


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