This weekend I’ll combine a little business with a lot of pleasure. We’ll spend a 3-day weekend at Rehoboth Beach, our favorite Oceanside spot in Delaware. When it gets hot on Saturday I’ll take a break from sand and surf to head for the Atlantic Book Warehouse. It’s the big book store in the area, an outlet really, on Highway One in the Harbor Square Shopping Center. The selection is ginormous and I’ll be signing books there for mystery and thriller fans from 1 pm until it cools down a bit outside.

Also, with each book I sign I’ll be giving away a coupon for a free cup of coffee at The Coffee Mill, on Rehoboth Mews, right off Rehoboth Avenue. As you probably know, one of the murders in my latest novel, Russian Roulette, takes place in Rehoboth Beach. What you might not know, unless you’ve read the book already, is that Hannibal Jones gets his special order coffee from The Coffee Mill, so the shop appears in the book. This is your chance to check out one of the locations in my novel and get a fine cup of coffee too.

But first you’ll need to visit me at Atlantic Books, 4551 Highway One, Rehoboth Beach, DE. What good is sitting on the beach without a good book?

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