What's hit you on an emotional level and made you cry?


TO THE POWER OF THREE by Laura Lippman

A book that hit me on an emotional level. Sometimes, life is such a game to teenagers, and then they make choices they can never take back that are like throwing a boulder into a pond, and the ripples spread out and hit everyone else in reach, and sometimes those ripples have the force of a tsunami and wreak destruction on the people in their path.

I had similar feelings about Ian Rankin's THE FLOOD.

TV Show:

Nothing's made me cry like this scene from WATER RATS. I could analyze the why of it, but hey, you can actually watch the whole episode (A Day At The Office) in segments on Youtube...

Runner Up - West Wing, repeatedly, but especially the episode where Leo died.


This was hard, but I finally concluded it had to be The Outsiders. Specifically, the deaths of Johnny and Dallas.

To write:

Without a doubt, scenes in THE FRAILTY OF FLESH.

No course, no seminar, no self help book filled with wise words and the best of intentions… Nothing prepared you to tell a parent their child was dead. No parent should outlive their child. It’s not the way things were meant to be, not as nature intended. Children were supposed to be the legacy. You could comfort yourself, knowing when you passed on you left a bit of yourself behind, knowing you wouldn’t immediately be forgotten. Losing a child just wasn’t right. Tain had heard it all. He understood it. Every time he prepared to speak with a parent it was right there, churning beneath the surface. Let the memories come and all the anguish would be back, fresh, threatening to overtake him, to push him over the edge into a bottomless pit of despair.
The grief enough to make you feel as though your soul was being put through a shredder.

That wasn't the scene, but it hints at things to come.

Now, who should play along? I won't tag 16, so that I can leave some untagged people for others to choose, but I'll go with Brian Lindenmuth, Linda L Richards and Patti Abbott, since I didn't pick on any of them yesterday.

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