The week is winding down and we are still blazing a hot trail here @ Gelati’s Scoop. We had a fun interview this morning with Laurie Bowler, the vampire/paranormal/romance author of Moon Rising, Across the City and many other novels. Please check our archives for the post we had on those novels. Non-fiction is not something I pick up too often, but when I see something inspirational like this, it just seems to jump into my hand. Have you seen the movie, ”The Blind Side”? Yeah, this is the guy. Here is what is between the covers:

“The football star made famous in the hit film The Blind Side reflects on how far he has come from the circumstances of his youth.

Michael Oher is the young man at the center of the true story depicted in The Blind Side movie (and book) that swept up awards and accolades. Though the odds were heavily stacked against him, Michael had a burning desire deep within his soul to break out of the Memphis inner-city ghetto and into a world of opportunity. While many people are now familiar with Oher's amazing journey, this is the first time he shares his account of his story in his own words, revealing his thoughts and feelings with details that only he knows, and offering his point of view on how anyone can achieve a better life.

Looking back on how he went from being a homeless child in Memphis to playing in the NFL, Michael talks about the goals he had for himself in order to break out of the cycle of poverty, addiction, and hopelessness that trapped his family for so long. He recounts poignant stories growing up in the projects and running from child services and foster care over and over again in search of some familiarity. Eventually he grasped onto football as his ticket out of the madness and worked hard to make his dream into a reality. But Oher also knew he would not be successful alone. With his adoptive family, the Touhys, and other influential people in mind, he describes the absolute necessity of seeking out positive role models and good friends who share the same values to achieve one's dreams.

Sharing untold stories of heartache, determination, courage, and love, I Beat the Odds is an incredibly rousing tale of one young man's quest to achieve the American dream.”

Having something like this in my hands on occasion definitely gives me a sense of thanks and appreciation for what I have in my life. To read what this young man had gone through in his life, to have survived it, and come out on the other side and thrived is nothing short of miraculous. In my opinion there are not too many people that couldn’t benefit from reading this, it is just one of those books. When I watched the movie and saw him stare at the bed they had for him, and the smile on his face, it really hit me. The things I take for granted on a daily basis, check that, on a minute and hourly basis, this kid had to dream about, to wonder if he was ever going to have them or it. This totally blew me away.

Don’t deny yourself the read. Gaining a deeper appreciation for those around you and the things that you think are important are worth exploring. The life and times of Michael Oher is an amazing real life story that is not just compelling but is something that just about everyone can take something from and use it in their everyday life.

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