The week just keeps building and building as the novels just keep coming fast and furious. Michael Wiley dusts off my buddy Joe Kozmarski, P.I., for another installment of his great series. I had the chance a little bit ago to yap with Mr. Wiley about his latest novel on my blogtalk radio show, The G-ZONE. Here is the link for you:

As an added bonus, on this show, Mark Miller is discussing our The Author’s Lab/Collaboration story “A Prince in Trenton,Seriously?” . Good stuff, great interviews.

Here is the synopsis for the novel:

“Working late-night surveillance at a luxury condominium development, Chicago private investigator Joe Kozmarski encounters a burglary crew. Two of the crew members show up in a police cruiser dressed in uniform. In the chaos that follows, Kozmarski shoots and kills one of the thieves, who, like the rest of the crew, is one of Chicago's Finest. And just like that Kozmarski finds he’s in for many a bad night’s sleep.

Kozmarski joins the burglary crew, working as an inside agent for his old friend Lieutenant Bill Gubman. Facing dangerous suspicions from both the criminal gang and the uncorrupted ranks of the police department, uncertain about who wishes to help him stay alive and who wishes to kill him, Kozmarski takes his wildest ride yet. A Bad Night's Sleep pushes full throttle through the streets of Chicago to a stunning conclusion. “   

I am a big fan of Michael Wiley’s work. The plotlines he constructs are twisted and bent in so many ways; trying to figure out all the angles is tough. The ride is quick; the dialogue is crisp and cutting, and Mike delivers a solid novel again and again. My biggest bone to pick with him is that I have to wait another year to my next fix of the characters, which bums me out. If you like a good, flawed private detective, with way too many women in his life, way too many demons to exorcise, and a guy that seems to have to battle each and every page for redemption then this is your novel; welcome to the world of Joe Kozmarski.     


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