It's been a frustrating morning, with CS insisting my password was wrong and resisting all attempts to solve the problem. The same with Verizon, which is merging with AllTel and making my life complicated.

As Ellen D. would say...Anyway:

I'm reading Kate Morton's THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON, a sort of classy soap opera. I don't usually like authors who tease the reader continually, "I didn't suspect at that moment what I would soon encounter" can be used once or twice, but soon I want to shout: JUST TELL ME! However, she does it well, always delivering the answer to the tease within a few pages and making it worthwhile. Like everything else in writing, it's a balancing act, and readers fall along a continuum in which some will hate waiting even one paragraph to learn the secret and others will happily wade along for half the book to find it out. It's all about how much tension you can stand.

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